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La identidad en la Escuela Normal. Jilotepec.



A few years ago in Normal Jilotepec there has been a phenomenon that can not be explained by students, teachers, manual and administrative staff, managers and parents, the impairment of a key that is given with respect to the normal identity and their sense of belonging. Significantly, this recurring problem has crept into the behavior of everyone on campus, who are partly functional and organic school, who come to make some efforts, alumni are aware of their presence, speaking exmaestros how bad is this part of school life and certainly affects all human relationships in everyday living.This shadow embraced and that coexistence has shattered conventional, that sense of belonging to a few decades ago it looked in patios, sports courts, a cafeteria, in classrooms, in the forms of greeting among teachers and between students, the ways in which each they participated in the activities of teaching, research and dissemination of institutional life was in every way.Teachers were on the lookout for what is happening to each of the fellow teachers who taught at the school, there was concern about what happened to the other, there was a concern noted, there was no overlap of errors but if the respective support to solve something in common. The first generations of students were identified fully with them, sharing their tastes, food, lodging, field trips to various Mexican states, hobbies and sport in football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, the music shared with the folk group that started the Master Herminio Gonzalez Zamacona the first director, the rondalla to be generated under the direction of Prof.. Amado José González Flores, the gatherings to welcome new colleagues organized by practitioners and managers, end of year gatherings which improved on participation and collaboration by teachers and students of all grades, the tributes which highlighted the true love national symbols, wearing the uniform that looked really proud to be part of the school, evenings famous in several years that took place in "Benito Juárez", the collection that were made for different purposes in support of worthy causes for some institutions, the unconditional moral and human support to be killed a student and a professor, look at the sports fair in other areas such as ordinary skill with other students in normal sisters in the State of Mexico, where students were supporting their peer group and teams with batons, excitement, screams, cheers, live, regardless of coming home late or get scolding by parents for such daring. The most significant act in recent days is to remain impassive before succumbing to a esdocente and exdirectivo in the last month, an aspect that convulsed to the root of what we're made of humans who live together in an educational institution as Normal School Jilotepec .The question of the century What has been lost from school? What is the true identity of the participating school and its stakeholders today?, Why is not the same sense of belonging among students and teachers to the school?I would like to talk about prejudice, some discrimination, stereotypes affecting for being in such way or another, intergroup relations, social recategorization.First talk about an idea that return of the web to the identity "Identity, defined primarily from psychology, is understood as that which conforms core self. This is a fixed core and consistent with the reason you enable humans to interact with other individuals present in the middle. " Are we biased in our own self, it is difficult to understand each other, because it is idealized as I have in ourselves, therefore there can be understanding to the other in this way or the other. In recent years there has been a gesture of teachers by some discrimination of each other because of their professional training, preparations or credentialed to two masters or simply degree and those who refuse to attain higher educational achievements for on if you do not see the benefits of this, only see more work without pay, endowed by prestigious higher educational establishments of education quality UVM, ISCEM, ENSEM, Graduate School of the CD. De México, and other institutions that have offered master's degrees to teachers who work in the center, in the words of Maestro. Mario Sánchez Valencia Schools offering training in ligth Masters. "Those who feel discriminated against by not wanting to do higher studies, by looking at other languages in the phenomenon we are discussing. The center has a diverse workforce, so think and act differently, we see a close professional prejudices that leave us in general look bad, everyone is different, some are cherry and other ice cream cone or even the loss snow; How to feel part of something that does not really belong, not fine, do not get attention, not get involved with ideas of who runs or more are not comfortable with whom you share space and time, and nevertheless not going to where the river goes. This is what you see in teachers need to see what happens in the students, but I will not change the reality, since the school reflects some of these identities in other ways but finally identities. "The formation of identity is a process that began to emerge from certain conditions of the person, present from birth, together with certain basic facts and experiences. From the above, the identity is giving us a complex picture of ourselves, which allows us to act consistently as we think ... As we see the formation of identity is only done on the basis of interaction with the environment external, as in a situation of isolation, individual characteristics are absolutely irrelevant and transparent. It is only in relation to the interaction with the other significant differences and individual characteristics have value and behave as a contribution to social interaction. "The school has lost the human side of being able to accept all the actors as they are, to be channeling has promoted human progress without the prejudiced eyes of others. The school has supported the careers of many teachers who even the best achievements have doctorates, and spoke of Dr. Bernardo Martinez Garcia and Dr. Mario Sanchez candidate Valencia that was until the beginning of this school year at this school, peers that have crossed this barrier to jump to the light of knowledge, and those who tried to master's studies are the Master Simón Sánchez Núñez, Mtra. Hilda Urcid Well, Prof.. Sarai Garcia Noguez, Master. Gerardo Reyes Olvera, Mtra. Ruth Maldonado Cuevas, Master. José Luis Rojas Cedillo, Mtra. Maria Marcela Sánchez González, Mtra. Sánchez Núñez Domitila, Master. Jorge Luis Miranda Miranda, Prof.. Johanna Sanchez Monroy, teacher candidates in a period not exceeding 10 years may be: Profra. Gloria Maldonado Garcia, Juan Sanchez Conmonfort, Gabriel Orozco Felisa, Guadarrama Theodore Cuevas, Jesus Gutierrez Flores, Huitrón Marcelino Mendoza, Isidro Jorgina Cid, Guadalupe Leyva Juárez, Miguel Lucas Martínez, Oscar Montaño Islands Damaso Ruiz César Rodríguez, Martha Saavedra Fuentes, Sánchez Leopoldo Arciniega and our newly arrived in this center Profr. Velázquez Gabriel Jasso. I can say that the school has supported them morally, logistically and academically and occupationally. "Identity depends on the self: who I am, what I am, where I come from?; Of self-esteem:" I love you, little or nothing?, And self-efficacy: Do I know where I manage, I want to be and evaluate how are the results? "The other teachers who do not list, but working in this center, some have obtained their undergraduate degree and other technical career, but if we all made a great effort to solve daily educational role that promotes this level, all mentor commitment and capabilities that their way of thinking differently about school, you may deviate from what we are all involved in this human side that we are losing the battle, be more human with the other or at least more sympathetic. "Know thyself." Freedom is the ability to select conscious acts. But if my rationality is limited, any observer can see another reality. By choosing the identity of the difference, accept pluralism and the principle of relativity ... Creating identity. To affirm the identity of education should take in the potential we bring to birth. The brain is a blank page to fill with knowledge and experience that builds their reality with the limitations of their perceptual system.In the school have lost some value, perhaps the most important, think of this concept that makes me think in depth. To be or live in solipsism. It is the belief that only one exists and what is experienced is part of your mind. Rely too much on the perception and we were wrong. For the absurd can show the fallacy of solipismo: anyone could think it is the navel of the world. Another reference point is the identity. The first notion of identity is temporary. We found that despite the years we are the same. Same, but different from others. This comparison reflects the notion of identity in the spatial axis.How to achieve this does not happen, because having a high self-esteem than the other visions that have been before, I think that if you can achieve. I wonder how you do big business if they do not cure the mental side of their partners, employees, shareholders, perfecting, advertisers, lenders, banks, administrators, vendors, who remain in a company that routinely get sick? To have high self-esteem.Respect is what affects us seriously, it is believed that the school is what is most favored, expressions such as poor performance, grades, exams CENEVAL low, poor students, poor results, little work, little reading, little writing, bad writing jobs, student short, bad image teaching in the State of Mexico as normal, poor teaching skills of students, perhaps comparing it impacting teaching students, or students will impact badly wrong with the teachers.We must change beliefs, effects, stories, behaviors, self-esteem, search for each other, this is what we lack, to feel fully identified with others, to be part of a real set of teachers concerned with improving human relations center we work, our relationships, let the prejudices of our "selves" to login to "all", because part of the "ego" exaggerated and repetitive that we have, but in we actually own the navel of the world, without realizing that that's what hurts us the unprecedented isolation in which we live, because we cry alone in the wilderness of school life without accompaniment or carnival, no audience and no followers.

*Docente de la Escuela Normal de Jilotepec. Docencia. Asignatura Desarrollo Físico y Psicomotor 2. Jefe de la Unidad de Planeación Seguimiento y Evaluación Institucional.

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